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Mouse::Tiny - Mouse in a single file
Mouse::XS - A Mouse guts in XS
Mouse - Moose minus the antlers
Mouse::Exporter - make an import() and unimport() just like Mouse.pm
Mouse::Meta::Attribute - The Mouse attribute metaclass
Mouse::Meta::Class - The Mouse class metaclass
Mouse::Meta::Method - A Mouse Method metaclass
Mouse::Meta::Method::Accessor - A Mouse method generator for accessors
Mouse::Meta::Method::Constructor - A Mouse method generator for constructors
Mouse::Meta::Method::Delegation - A Mouse method generator for delegation methods
Mouse::Meta::Method::Destructor - A Mouse method generator for destructors
Mouse::Meta::Module - The common base class of Mouse::Meta::Class and Mouse::Meta::Role
Mouse::Meta::Role - The Mouse Role metaclass
Mouse::Meta::Role::Application - The Mouse role application class
Mouse::Meta::Role::Composite - An object to represent the set of roles
Mouse::Meta::Role::Method - A Mouse Method metaclass for Roles
Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraint - The Mouse Type Constraint metaclass
Mouse::Object - The base object for Mouse classes
Mouse::PurePerl - A Mouse guts in pure Perl
Mouse::Role - The Mouse Role
Mouse::Spec - To what extent Mouse is compatible with Moose
Mouse::TypeRegistry - (DEPRECATED)
Mouse::Util - Utilities for working with Mouse classes
Mouse::Util::MetaRole - Apply roles to any metaclass, as well as the object base class
Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints - Type constraint system for Mouse
Squirrel - Use Mouse, unless Moose is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)
Squirrel::Role - Use Mouse::Role, unless Moose::Role is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)
Test::Mouse - Test functions for Mouse specific features
ouse - syntactic sugar to make Mouse one-liners easier
Changes for version 2.3.0
    • Fixed #17; memory leak in applying roles to instances

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