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Neil Bowers

Changes for version 1.10

  • Changed license to Artistic 2.0, at PETDANCE's request.
  • Added README
  • Moved Coverage.pm to lib/Test/Pod/Coverage.pm
  • Min perl version now set to 5.006 in both code and dist metadata. Addresses RT#21564 from ANDK++
  • Added DESCRIPTION section to pod (RT#28715 JEREMIAH++), and changed to a minimal SYNOPSIS, with everything else moved to the DESCRIPTION.
  • The "no verbose" tests in t/nosymbols.t weren't ensuring that the tests were running with HARNESS_VERBOSE set to false. You could set that true in your environment and break the test. RT#53947 - thanks to Pete Armstrong.
  • Makefile.PL: Ensured all prereqs listed in PREREQ_PM, and TEST_REQUIRES set if a recent enough ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
  • Added github repo to pod and dist metadata
  • Deleted the old META.yml, so new MYMETA.{yml,json} will be generated.
  • Reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
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