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نديم ابن ﺤﻣﻮﺪﺓ الخمير - Nadim Khemir
PBS - Perl Build System (PBS).
PerlBuildSystem - Make replacement with rules written in perl.
watch_server.pl - uses the file system file watch system to accelerate PBS
PBS::Attributes - definition of PBS attributes types
PBS::Constants - definition of constants use within PBS
PBS::Debug - debugger support for PBS
PBS::Distributor - distributes PBS builder
PBS::GraphViz - Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
PBS::PBS - Perl Build System.
PBS::PBSConfig - Handles PBS configuration
PBS::Plugin - Handle Plugins in PBS
PBS::Prf - Support functions for pure perl prf files
PBS::ProgressBar - provide a progress meter on a standard terminal
PBS::Rules - Manipulate PBS rules
PBS::Rules::Creator - Helps with creator generation
PBS::SubpbsResult - Support for hierarchical projects
PBS::Watch::Client - Access to a PBS watch server
PBS::Watch::InotifyWatcher - linux watch mechanism for watch_server.pl
PBS::Watch::Win32Watcher - Win32 watch mechanism for watch_server.pl
PBS::Documentation::Indexer in PBS/Documentation.pm
PBS::Version in PBS/Version.pm

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