Changes for version 0.39

  • Umm. I accidently included duplicate information from two projects in the last push. This version has an improved version of the that allows (requires, actually) you to pass it a glob pattern before the directories it will scan. Much better reporting, as well.
  • 0.38: Speed up the next method a little by reducing the number of times it copies its internal buffer. I've also added a script ('') that demonstrates how to use Algorithm::RabinKarp with multiple files. Patches welcome and desired.
  • 0.37: Well, it looks like I messed up the Build.PL file. Making an incremental release to attempt to make it possible to build using the Build.PL, and also reduce the minimum requirements to install this module.


Rabin-Karp streaming hash
utility methods for use with Rabin-Karp hash generation.