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יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman)
Data::Stream::Bulk - N at a time iteration API
Data::Stream::Bulk::Array - Data::Stream::Bulk wrapper for simple arrays.
Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback - Callback based bulk iterator
Data::Stream::Bulk::Cat - Concatenated streams
Data::Stream::Bulk::DBI - N-at-a-time iteration of DBI statement results.
Data::Stream::Bulk::DBIC - Iterate DBIC resultsets with Data::Stream::Bulk
Data::Stream::Bulk::DoneFlag - Implement the is_done method in terms of a flag
Data::Stream::Bulk::Filter - Streamed filtering (block oriented)
Data::Stream::Bulk::Nil - An empty Data::Stream::Bulk iterator
Data::Stream::Bulk::Path::Class - Path::Class::Dir traversal
Data::Stream::Bulk::Util - Utility functions for Data::Stream::Bulk
Changes for version 0.07
    • Fix new warnings in Moose about overwriting methods

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