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Changes for version 0.30

  • INCOMPATIBILITY WARNING! If you've been hacking internal undocumented variables referenced by my module, your code is most likely broken with this release! If you've been doing "$ftps = new (...); $x = ${*$ftps}{abc};", it's now "$x = ${*$ftps}{_FTPSSL_arguments}->{abc};" for a lot of them. This change was made to make it less likely I'll accidentaly step on a IO::Socket::SSL variable in a future release of either module. It also helps me with error log traces & some future plans if they ever happen.
  • Changed t/00-basic.t so it no longer needs to call uc(). Also now uses __PACKAGE__ keyword instead of hard coded text.
  • Fixed error message bug in _get_data_channel(). Got SSL_version from wrong hash.
  • Reorganized the order of some functions in the POD.
  • Fixed minor bug in the masking of the user id when writing to a log file!
  • Looks like the sysread() in response() is sometimes spurriously setting the special variable "$!" on Perl 5.10.1 for AIX 7.1. So if the command looks complete I'm going to ignore the error message in "$!". I'm probably going to have to figure out a better test for this later on!
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Added 2 new functions set_dc_from_hash() and copy_cc_to_dc(). They provide two different ways to micro manage the SSL options used to manage the Data Channel without the need to hack the code base. There are more SSL options than I know what to do with so hopefully this will help.
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