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Curtis Leach


Changes for version 0.26

  • The deprecialted SSL_Advanced option now causes new() to call croak. I'll remove any remaining reference to it in v0.27 or v0.28.
  • The POD text no longer mentions the SSL_Advanced option at all.
  • Added to README the new environment variable created for the test scripts in the previous release.
  • The RFC links in the SEE ALSO section had all expired. Located replacement links for all referenced documents. Looks like they were just moved to another location on the same web site. A victim of web-site remodeling.
  • Enhanced _debug_print_hash(). It originally worked with just GLOBs, but now works with regular hashes as well. Also fixed to follow SCALAR references.
  • Now dumps to the log file the contents of the SSL_Client_Certificate hash if provided. Was difficult to debug logic when it wasn't logged.
  • Bug Id # 101388, reusing SSL_Client_Certificate options on the data channel. Added additional options to go with SSL_reuse_ctx to resolve this issue. I checked the IO-Socket-SSL docs & all variables in the bug id are by default part of SSL_reuse_ctx. So some low level code isn't resolving the context correctly. This is a work arround. (Certificates were not being used here. Just using the context for strict hostname verification.) May be a case that when certificates are not used, the context isn't fully used either.