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Maximilian Gaß
Net::OpenXchange - Object-oriented interface to OpenXchange groupware
Net::OpenXchange::Attribute - Attribute trait for OpenXchange objects
Net::OpenXchange::Connection - Connection to OpenXchange server
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Appointment - OpenXchange detailed appointment data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Common - OpenXchange common object data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::CommonFolder - OpenXchange common folder data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Contact - OpenXchange detailed contact data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Folder - OpenXchange detailed folder data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::TaskAppointment - OpenXchange detailed task and appointment data
Net::OpenXchange::Data::User - OpenXchange detailed user data
Net::OpenXchange::Module - Role for OpenXchange modules
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Calendar - OpenXchange calendar module
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Contact - OpenXchange contact module
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Folder - OpenXchange folder module
Net::OpenXchange::Module::User - OpenXchange user module
Net::OpenXchange::Object - Role for OpenXchange objects
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Appointment - OpenXchange appointment object
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Contact - OpenXchange contact object
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Folder - OpenXchange folder object
Net::OpenXchange::Object::User - OpenXchange user object
Net::OpenXchange::Types - Moose type library for Net::OpenXchange
Net::OpenXchange::X::HTTP - Exception class for HTTP errors
Net::OpenXchange::X::NotFound - Exception class for missing objects
Net::OpenXchange::X::OX - Exception class for OpenXchange errors
Net::OpenXchange::X::Thaw - Exception class for Object thawing errors
Changes for version 0.001
    • Initial release

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