PDF::Labels - Routines to produce formatted pages of mailing labels in PDF


    use PDF::Labels;

    Requires: PDF::Create



Provides package PDF::Labels

Package Global Variables:

        @PDF::Labels:PageFormats is a list of known page formats.  Each
        page format is a : delimited list of fields which provide the
        following properties about a page of labels:

                pagewidth       Width of actual page in inches
                pageheight      Height of actual page in inches
                pagexoffset     Offset from left edge of page to left
                                edge of first column of labels in inches
                pageyoffset     Offset from bottom edge of page to
                                bottom edge of lowest row of labels
                xlabels         Number of labels in each row
                ylabels         Number of labels in each column
                labelwidth      Width of each label in inches, including
                labelheight     Height of each label in inches, including
                labelxmar       Minimum Distance to offset printing from
                                left and right edges of label
                labelymar       Minimum distance to offset printing from
                                top and bottom edges of label
                fontsize        Size of font to use with this label
                linespacing     Line spacing (points) to use with this



        use PDF::Create;
        use PDF::Labels;

        $pdf = new PDF::Labels(
                                Author=>'PDF Labelmaker',
                                Title=>'My Labels'

        $pdf->setlabel(5);      # Start with label 5 on first page

        $pdf->label('John Doe', '1234 Some Street',
                        'Anytown, ID', '12345');
        $pdf->label('Jane Doe', '5493 Other Drive',
                        'Nowhere, CA', '92213');
        $pdf->label('Bob Smith', '392 Cedar Lane',
                        'Deep Shit, AR', '72134');


        The above example will produce 3 labels on an 8.5x11 sheet with
        three labels in a row and 10 rows of labels.  The labels are
        2.625"x1".  This is a common sheet-feed label.  In this case, the
        three labels will be the last label of the second row and the
        first two labels of the third row.  The labels can be moved by
        changing the parameter to the setlabel call.


        $pdf = new PDF::Labels(
                        PDF::Create parameters

        $PageFormat is a string containing a single element of PageFormats
        or a custom page format specification in the same format.

        PDF::Create parameters are described in the PDF::Create pod.



        n is a number from 0 to maxlabels.  Subsequent calls to create
        labels will create labels starting from this position on the
        page.  Position 0 is the upper left label, working across each
        row down in columns.

                i.e.    0 1 2
                        3 4 5
                        6 7 8

        Setlabel will not go backwards.  If n is less than the current
        cursor position, a new page will be created.

    Label Creation

        $pdf->label('string1', 'string2', 'string3'[, 'string4'...])

        As much of each string as possible will be placed on a seperate
        line of the label.  If there are more strings than the label can
        hold, extra strings will not be printed.

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