Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 2.0

  • escape_html now converts windows-unicode (with windows-1252 garbage) into numeric entitity escapes. escape_html is now ~20% faster as well.
  • most of the changes below are due to the brutal removal of traditional .papp application support in favour of pure agni.
  • PApp::EditForm::ef_selectbox didn't interpret arrayrefs as data values as per documentation.
  • default charset for output is now always utf-8.
  • work around further api breakage in 5.14.
  • remove %S, %A, reference_url, current_locals, suburl, sublink, retlink_p, retlink, returl, preferences_url, preferences_link.
  • replace macro/xpcse.papp by PApp/
  • replace macro/editform.papp by PApp/
  • remove macro/*.papp, apps/*, widget/*.papp, demo/, simpe-edit/, xmcs/, xpcse/xpcse-demo.papp.
  • remove PApp/, PApp/
  • remove support for PApp::Application::PApp.
  • remove $PApp::module, modules, curprfx, curpath, curmod, ppkg and all references to them, i.e. all PApp "module tree" support.
  • no longer use or create the pkg table.
  • new bin/agni option: --import-ignore-type.
  • fix reference to Storable from PApp::Storable.
  • last_1x_version Sun May 20 02:08:56 CEST 2012
    • move config from PApp::Config to /etc/papp/config.
    • move LIBDIR/ to /etc/papp/secure.
    • remove most of the DEVELxxxx utf8 workarounds in the i18n scanning code, fixing at least one bug introduced by a fix in perl :)
    • use optimised bit arithmetic on perls with 64 bit-integers.
    • work around a performance bnottleneck in expat's character parsing, for a major agni --import speedup with large objects.
    • implement a horrid workaround for PApp::CGI to support PApp's way to set cookie headers (in itself a horrid workaround for broken set-cookie parsing in most browsers).
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  • PApp::Apache - multi-page-state-preserving web applications
  • PApp::Apache2 - multi-page-state-preserving web applications
  • agni - commandline access to the PApp!Agni System.
  • papp-admin - administrate papp
  • papp-env - get/set/clear/display environment variables
  • xpcse