Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 2.1

  • $PApp::SQL::DBH and ::Database are now set during all of the request execution, not just during run or exceptions.
  • work around incompatible tiehandle changes in perl 5.16.
  • work around incompatibilities between mariadb and mysql.
  • use env variable PAPP_CREATE_TBALE_OPTIONS to specify create table options in make init and make update.
  • close the data handle in PApp::I18n to conserve file descriptors.
  • dropped support for switching papp apps (pappid) via state.
  • require perl 5.010 and enable its features by default in Agni.
  • use more memory-efficient and faster object lookup in compiled methods.
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  • PApp::Apache - multi-page-state-preserving web applications
  • PApp::Apache2 - multi-page-state-preserving web applications
  • agni - commandline access to the PApp!Agni System.
  • papp-admin - administrate papp
  • papp-env - get/set/clear/display environment variables
  • xpcse