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Changes for version v1.23.0

  • fixed "uninitialized value" warnings for PDL->can($type) in PDL::CCS::IO::*
  • added support for ndims>2 to PDL::CCS::IO::MatrixMarket
  • added sparse/dense vector-cosine ccs_vcos_zdd() in PDL::CCS::MatrixOps, with wrapper PDL::CCS::Nd::vcos_zdd()
    • dense/dense variant in PDL::VectorValued::Utils::vv_vcos() for PDL::VectorValued v1.0.5
  • fixed BAD handling in CCS::Compat::ccsget(), CCS::Compat::ccsget2d()
  • fixed I/O type handling in integer ufuncs (borover)
  • fixed wrongly succeeding bogus tests with unary ok()
    • tests now use Test::More and re-factored common test subroutines
  • fixed C-level abs() function in CCS::Utils::nnza(); now dispatches to one of {abs,labs,llabs,fabsf,fabs} using PDL::PP types(...) macro
  • fixed CCS ufunc type-promotion logic to be compatible with PDL v2.015
  • pared down CCS/t/06_matops.t to test only missing==0 : matrix ops don't work correctly with missing!=0
  • pdlmaker.plm doesn't distribute generated PM files any more (PDL now does this for us)
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