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Author image Per Einar Ellefsen

Changes for version 0.05

  • Made sure the file wasn't a directory, as directories usually have x set.
  • made pwhich say so if it didn't find a file.
  • improve file searching: file doesn't have to be -x on MacOS, only -e. Same thing on DOSish, but only if the file extension is in PATHEXT (so we don't look for non-executable files that happen to be in PATH).
  • For DOSish, VMS and Mac, add current directory in front of path, as (on Win32) this one is searched first. (could someone tell me if this assumption is true on VMS and MacOS too?)
  • large updates to test suite: we now emulate executable files inside t/test-bin/. Like this we have more control. I hope this test suite will be better, but it is probably still shaky. Any reports would do me a lot of good.


Perl-only `which'


Portable implementation of the `which' utility