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Crypt::Password::Util - Crypt password utilities


This document describes version 0.10 of Crypt::Password::Util (from Perl distribution Crypt-Password-Util), released on 2015-01-25.


 use Crypt::Password::Util qw(crypt_type looks_like_crypt crypt);

 say crypt_type('62F4a6/89.12z');                    # CRYPT
 say crypt_type('$1$$...');                          # MD5-CRYPT
 say crypt_type('$apr1$4DdvgCFk$...');               # MD5-CRYPT
 say crypt_type('$5$4DdvgCFk$...');                  # SSHA256
 say crypt_type('$6$4DdvgCFk$...');                  # SSHA512
 say crypt_type('1a1dc91c907325c69271ddf0c944bc72'); # PLAIN-MD5
 say crypt_type('foo');                              # undef

 say looks_like_crypt('62F4a6/89.12z');   # 1
 say looks_like_crypt('foo');             # 0

 say crypt('pass'); # automatically choose the appropriate type and salt


crypt_type($str) => STR

Return crypt type, or undef if $str does not look like a crypted password. Currently known types:


    Passphrase scheme based on Blowfish, designed by Niels Provos and David Mazieres for OpenBSD.

    Recognized by: $2$ or $2a$header followed by 22 base64-digits salt and 31 digits hash.


    Traditional DES crypt.

    Recognized by: 11 digit base64 characters.


    A baroque passphrase scheme based on MD5, designed by Poul-Henning Kamp and originally implemented in FreeBSD.

    Recognized by: $1$ or $apr1$ header.


    Unsalted MD5 hash, popular with PHP web applications.

    Recognized by: 32 digits of hex characters.

  • SSHA256

    Salted SHA256, supported by glibc 2.7+.

    Recognized by: $5$ header.

  • SSHA512

    Salted SHA512, supported by glibc 2.7+.

    Recognized by: $6$ header.

looks_like_crypt($str) => BOOL

Return true if $str looks like a crypted password.

crypt($str) => STR

Like Perl's crypt(), but automatically choose the appropriate crypt type and random salt. Will first choose SSHA512 with 64-bit random salt. If not supported by system, fall back to MD5-CRYPT with 32-bit random salt. If that is not supported, fall back to CRYPT.


Authen::Passphrase which recognizes more encodings (but currently not SSHA256 and SSHA512).


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