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WDDX History

1.02 	- Mon Dec  1 21:42:29 CST 2003
    Taken over by Andy Lester

    WDDX needed a good update and modernization to let it run under perl
    5.8.0 and higher.

    * Fixed up some dependencies in Makefile.PL
    * Cleaned up warnings on things like ambiguous calls to keys().
    * Added more tests.
    * Removed automatic version number generation

Version 1.01 (7/29/00)

Bug fix.

  * Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow undef values in WDDX::Recordsets;
    should properly be encoded as a WDDX::Null now. However, this is a
    kludge. WDDX::Recordset should probably be rewritten to allow a field
    to have differing data types (WDDX::Null is the only exception
    currently)... but this will break compatibility.
  * Perl 5.60 changed how the map function works. Now scalars in numeric
    form are converted to string form (seems like a bug to me). This broke
    a few of the make tests, so these have been removed to allow
    to build with 5.60.

Version 1.00 (1/17/00)

Added new methods to WDDX::Array and WDDX::Struct.

  * Added get(), set(), splice(), length(), push(), pop(), shift(), &
    unshift() to WDDX::Array.
  * Added get(), set(), delete(), keys(), and values() to WDDX::Struct.
  * Decided to up the version to 1.00. I probably should have done this
    earlier: 0.13 was effectively 1.00 beta 1, and 0.17 probably should
    have been 1.00. In any case everything seems stable now with nothing
    left on the to do list.

Version 0.18 (1/4/00)

Bug fix.

  * Fixed bugs in array2wddx() and hash2wddx(). (reported by Jon Sala)
  * Started citing bug-reporters in this file (Nate Weiss, Thomas Hall,
    and David MacKenzie collectively get credit for reporting much of
    the bugs previously fixed).

Version 0.17 (11/6/99)

Mainly bug fixes.

  * Added support as_javascript() support to binary data objects.
  * Added $VERSION to all modules to keep CPAN happy.
  * Added PREREQ_PM to Makefile.PL.
  * Added code to quiet warnings when using -w flag.
  * Fixed bug that prevented from deserializing empty recordsets
    and this required some minor tweaking to Recordset object (shouldn't
    affect backwards compatibility).
  * Fixed bug introduced last version that caused deserialization
    problems when there is additional whitespace between elements.

Version 0.16 (11/1/99)

Minor stuff I noticed as I was buidling, but see 0.15 too since it was
never released.

  * Fixed more POD formatting probs; I think it's presentable now.
  * Fixed a bug that sometimes stripped white space when parsing strings.
  * Created a couple test files as part of the install.
  * Allowed binary encoding to wrap to default MIME::Base64 width.
  * Created an automated build script (yeah, I know you can't see this
    but it makes my life easier :)

Version 0.15 (10/26/99)

Internal release; not distributed.

  * Added as_javascript() methods so you can get the JavaScript code
    to generate any WDDX data object (except binary objects)
  * Added scalar2wddx(), array2wddx(), and hash2wddx() utility
    methods that make it much easier to go from Perl data structures
    to WDDX data objects
  * Added $WDDX::INDENT variable (and corresponding code) to allow
    serialize() to generate human-readable packets
  * Fixed errors that appear in taint mode and discovered that 
    XML::Parser untaints data as it parses it (!!); patched WDDX::Parser
    to retaint the data
  * Edited documentation: fixed typos and formatting problems, documented
    new methods, etc.
  * Fixed bug that disallowed the creation of empty WDDX struct objects
  * Fixed bug that disallowed the creation of recordsets with one field
  * Added get_element(), set_element() methods to WDDX::Recordset and
    deprecated get_field(), set_field() methods
  * Packaged with Makefile.PL (finally); posting to CPAN!

Version 0.14 (10/21/99)

Bug fixes, API changes, and POD:

  * Added some checks for undefined values to fix warnings when
    running under -w
  * Rewrote documentation. It's in POD now (finally)!
  * Prefixed internal data object serialize & deserialize subs to 
    with an underscore make them more private
  * Changed all the to_something subs to as_something subs since
    it makes more sense with the WDDX data object as an intermediary
  * Fixed recordset bugs by adding more error checking for funny data
  * Made object type checks non-dependent on object having WDDX in
    its name (so the module is more easily subclassed now)
  * Renamed to_xml() to as_packet()

Version 0.13 (10/1/99)

Total rewrite: improved parsing and added full support of WDDX 1.00 DTD:

  * Everything. is the only file that resembles its old form. I
    wasn't happy with the parsing code. All the logic was in a couple long,
    complicated subs, so it's now been broken out. Each data type now has 
    its own corresponding parser object. It's _much_ easier to maintain now, 
    so hopefully it won't take me so long for the next version. :)
  * Added code to do proper encoding of control characters, and special
    characters like '<', '&', etc. for strings.
  * Added support for the 1.00 DTD. New binary and null data types
    and restrictions on things like allowed characters in recordset field,
    names, case insensitive struct keys, etc.
  * Rewrote WDDX::Recordset object and added a slew of methods to
    for working with it.
  * Changed most variable object methods. Constructors are much less
    obfuscated. Got rid of value(). Added to_packet(), and a variety of methods 
    to go to Perl: to_scalar(), to_arrayref(), to_hashref(), to_gmtime(), 
    and to_localtime(). This new structure will support to_javascript() when 
    it's added to the next version.
  * methods to create variables changed for the complex types. 
    array(), hash(), and recordset() now take array/hash references. 
    recordset() takes totally different parameters which hopefully will be 
    much easier to work with when using DBI.
  * Updated the README with all the new info. POD next time, I promise. :)
  * Moved this history info off the website and into this file.

Version 0.12 (7/19/99)

The module is now fully usable (albeit rough). It can go both from Perl to
WDDX as well as from WDDX to Perl. Lots of changes:

   * Added serialization support so it's now possible to go from Perl to
   * Fixed a problem due to a misunderstanding of the DTD. I originally
     believed that multiple variables could be contained within the root
     level of a WDDX packet, even outside a struct. As a result, I was
     requiring a <var> tag around everything including top level data. That
     was incorrect. Deserialization works as documented now.
   * Stripped out all of the tie interface code. It didn't add a lot of
     value, especially given the previous change, and it added a lot of
     complexity to the code.
   * Fixed a bug that wouldn't parse dateTime packet data properly if the
     GMT timezone adjustment caused the date to wrap.
   * Fixed a bug where certain data types (e.g. booleans) weren't parsed
     correctly within arrays.
   * Added some basic Usage documentation to the README.
   * Changed version numbering: version numbers will always have two digits
     after the decimal.

Version 0.3a (6/13/99)

First public version. Completed parsing of all WDDX structures. Can now go
fully from WDDX to Perl.

Current features:
   * Object oriented.
   * Only requires XML::Parser (plus Carp, but it's now standard and
     XML::Parser requires it too)
   * Full validation of WDDX DTD syntax during parsing.
   * Supports multiple methods for returning parsed data structures:
        o may be returned via a hash
        o may be exported as true variables to any namespace
   * Supports multiple methods for representing parsed data structures:
        o structures can be accessed as WDDX variable objects
        o structures can be accessed as straight perl values
        o structures can be accessed via tie so that data type checking is
          maintained while you work with the data; this gives you the
          benefit of working with the data in as perlish a manner as
          possible while still making it simple to reserialize the data
          back into a WDDX packet later; ties for values nested within
          complex types are generated dynamically only for those variables

Version 0.2a (6/1/99)

Split parser and variable types into separate packages. Able to parse basic
(scalar) WDDX data types.

Version 0.1a (5/24/99)

Set up CVS tree and began writing module.