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App::Ack - A container for functions for the ack program


Version 2.00a01


If you want to know about the ack program, see the ack file itself.

No user-serviceable parts inside. ack is all that should use this.



Reads the contents of the .ackrc file and returns the arguments.

create_ignore_rules( $what, $where, \@opts )

Takes an array of options passed in on the command line and returns a hashref of information about them:

* # is: Match the filename exactly # ext: Match the extension # regex: Match against a Perl regular expression

remove_dir_sep( $path )

This functions removes a trailing path separator, if there is one, from its argument

build_regex( $str, \%opts )

Returns a regex object based on a string and command-line options.

Dies when the regex $str is undefinied (i.e. not given on command line).

check_regex( $regex_str )

Checks that the $regex_str can be compiled into a perl regular expression. Dies with the error message if this is not the case.

No return value.

warn( @_ )

Put out an ack-specific warning.

die( @_ )

Die in an ack-specific way.


Returns a list of all the types that we can detect.


Dumps the help page to the user.


Display the filetypes help subpage.


Returns the version information for ack.

Prints the version information for ack.

Return the copyright for ack.


Set default colors, load Term::ANSIColor


Returns true if ack's input is coming from a pipe.


Exit from the application with the correct exit code.

Returns with 0 if a match was found, otherwise with 1. The number of matches is handed in as the only argument.


Copyright 2005-2012 Andy Lester.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License v2.0.