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Paul Jamieson Fenwick

Changes for version 0.15

  • BUILD: No longer falsely require WS::Idonethis. (Thanks @wizonesolutions)
  • FEATURE: Added a simple 'hrpg version' command.
  • INTERNAL: Tasks are now fully fledged objects.
  • TEST: More tests for tasks.
  • FEATURE: Passing a 'keep_alive' parameter to WS::HRPG->new will allow the LWP::UserAgent keep-alive behaviour to be specified.
  • CONFIG: You can now set keep_alive = 0 in the [connection] section of ~/.habitrpgrc to disable keep-alives. GH #25
  • DEBUG: Set environment HRPG_DEBUG=1 for debugging.
  • BUGFIX: Detect and skip undef/null values returned by the /task endpoint. GH #27
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  • hrpg - hrpg - Command line interface to HabitRPG