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Peter Flanigan
File::DataClass - Structured data file IO with OO paradigm
File::DataClass::Cache - Adds extra methods to the CHI API
File::DataClass::Constants - Definitions of constant values
File::DataClass::Constraints - Role defining package constraints
File::DataClass::Exception - Exception base class
File::DataClass::HashMerge - Merge hashes with update flag
File::DataClass::IO - Better IO syntax
File::DataClass::List - List response class
File::DataClass::Result - Result object definition
File::DataClass::ResultSet - Core element methods
File::DataClass::ResultSource - A source of result sets for a given schema
File::DataClass::ResultSource::WithLanguage - Result source localisation
File::DataClass::Schema - Base class for schema definitions
File::DataClass::Schema::WithLanguage - Adds language support to the default schema
File::DataClass::Storage - Storage base class
File::DataClass::Storage::JSON - Read/write JSON data storage model
File::DataClass::Storage::WithLanguage - Split/merge language dependent data
File::DataClass::Storage::XML - Read/write XML data storage model
File::DataClass::Storage::XML::Bare - Read/write XML data storage model
File::DataClass::Storage::XML::Simple - Read/write XML data storage model
File::DataClass::Util - Moose Role defining utility methods
File::Gettext - Read and write GNU gettext po/mo files
File::Gettext::Constants - Definitions of constant values
File::Gettext::Storage::MO - Storage class for GNU gettext machine object format
File::Gettext::Storage::PO - Storage class for GNU gettext portable object format
File::MailAlias - Domain model for the system mail aliases file
File::MailAlias::Storage - Storage class file the mail alias file
File::MealMaster - OO access to the MealMaster recipe files
File::MealMaster::Result - MealMaster food recipes custom methods
File::MealMaster::Storage - MealMaster food recipe file storage
File::UnixAuth - Result source definitions for the Unix auth files
File::UnixAuth::Result - Unix authentication and authorisation file custom results
File::UnixAuth::Storage - Unix authentication and authorisation file storage
Changes for version 0.8.360
    • Stopped CPAN testing, no point in allowing it to continue

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