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Yuji Suzuki
poeikcd - POE IKC daemon
poikc - POE IKC (poeikcd) Client
POEIKC - A framework to make a daemon or P2P with "PoCo::IKC"
POEIKC::Client - Client for POE IKC daemon
POEIKC::Daemon - POE IKC daemon
POEIKC::Daemon::P2P - The thing which does Peer-to-Peer in poeikcd
POEIKC::Daemon::Utility - Utility for POEIKC::Daemon
POEIKC::Daemon::State in lib/POEIKC/Daemon/Utility.pm
Changes for version 0.00_07
    • poikc : -T option. history resize.
    • The revision of the 'Makefile.PL'. recommends 'Term::ReadLine::Gnu';

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