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Changes for version 0.0.9 - 2007-05-10

  • Moved command execution stuff inside WS::Controller, not the real base (abstract) class Adapted WS::Controller::Single Adapted WS::Controller::Multiple Adapted WS::Controller::TCP Added tests for new base class, mainly taken from Single tests Added tests for WS::Controller::Multiple Added tests for WS::Controller::STDIO Added tests for WS::Controller::TCP Added tests for WS::Controller::UDP


serve presentations on the Web
demo script for WWW::Slides
demo CGI script for WWW::Slides


serve presentations on the Web
class to represent an Attendee in WWW::Slides
basic replacement for Log::Log4perl
base class for WWW::Slides client library
WWW::Slides client library, via TCP
main base class for controllers based in I/O
handle multiple controllers as one
control talks via STDIO
main base class for controllers based in I/O
multiple controller based on TCP
simple UDP-based controller for WWW::Slides
slide show library for WWW::Slides
track transitions around a slide show.
class to represent a Talk in the WWW::Slides system