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Steven Haryanto
Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Argv - Get subroutine arguments from command line arguments (@ARGV)
Changes for version 0.37
    • Refactor the code that generates Getopt::Long spec to its own function: gen_getopt_long_spec_from_meta() so it's reusable from e.g. routine that wants to generate usage/help message.
    • Changes the interface and the parsing rules slightly. Since I want to remove --action and the subtle difference of 'extra_getopts_before' and 'extra_getopts_after'. Now we avoid clashes between common options like '--help' and function arguments of the same name (they will be renamed to '--help-arg', or '--help-arg2' and so on upon clash). Clash will also be avoided between '--ARGNAME' and '--ARGNAME-json' should that happen.
    • Remove 'check_required_args' option. Now function still returns 200 on missing args. Missing args are already reported in the result metadata ('func.missing_args').
    • Remove 'extra_getopts_before' and 'extra_getopts_after', replace it with 'common_opts' (a hash of Getopt::Long specification name and handlers).

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