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Adam Kennedy
perldist - Windows Perl distribution builder
Perl::Dist - Perl Distribution Creation Toolkit
Perl::Dist::Asset::Binary - "Binary Package" asset for a Win32 Perl
Perl::Dist::Asset::Distribution - "Perl Distribution" asset for a Win32 Perl
Perl::Dist::Asset::File - "Single File" asset for a Win32 Perl
Perl::Dist::Asset::Library - "C Library" asset for a Win32 Perl
Perl::Dist::Asset::PAR - "Binary .par package" asset for a Win32 Perl
Perl::Dist::Inno - 3rd Generation Distribution Builder using Inno Setup
Perl::Dist::Inno::File - Inno Setup Script [Files] Section Entry
Perl::Dist::Machine - Generate an entire set of related distributions
Perl::Dist::Vanilla - Vanilla Perl for Win32
Perl::Dist::Asset in lib/Perl/Dist/Asset.pm
Perl::Dist::Asset::Launcher in lib/Perl/Dist/Asset/Launcher.pm
Perl::Dist::Asset::Module in lib/Perl/Dist/Asset/Module.pm
Perl::Dist::Asset::Perl in lib/Perl/Dist/Asset/Perl.pm
Perl::Dist::Asset::Website in lib/Perl/Dist/Asset/Website.pm
Perl::Dist::Inno::Icon in lib/Perl/Dist/Inno/Icon.pm
Perl::Dist::Inno::Registry in lib/Perl/Dist/Inno/Registry.pm
Perl::Dist::Inno::Script in lib/Perl/Dist/Inno/Script.pm
Perl::Dist::Inno::System in lib/Perl/Dist/Inno/System.pm
Perl::Dist::Util::Toolchain in lib/Perl/Dist/Util/Toolchain.pm
Changes for version 1.16
    • Fix the requires_from to pull from Inno.pm

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