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Date::Discordian - Calculate the Discordian date of a particular day


  use Date::Discordian;
  $discordian = discordian(time);
  $epochtime = inverse_discordian('bureaucracy 47, 3166');

Or, the OO interface ...

  use Date::Discordian;
  my $disco = Date::Discordian->new( epoch => time );
  $discordian = $disco->discordian;

  my $date = Date::Discordian->new( 
    discordian => 'bureaucracy 47, 3166');
  $epoch = $date->epoch;
  $ical = $date->ical;
  $discordian = $date->discordian;

  $season = $date->season;
  $discoday = $date->discoday; # eg 'Pungenday'
  $yold = $date->yold;
  $holyday = $date->holyday;

Or, for dates outside of the epoch:

  my $disco = Date::Discordian->new( ical => '17760704Z' );
  $discordian = $disco->discordian;

Note that a Date::Discordian object ISA Date::ICal object, so see the docs for Date::ICal as well.


Calculate the Discordian date of a particular 'real' date.

Date::Discordian exports two functions - discordian(), and inverse_discordian. discordian(), when given a time value, returns a string, giving the Discordian date for the given day. inverse_discordian(), given a Discordian date in the same format that discordian() emits, returns an epoch time value. It is pretty picky about time format. Pity.

I'm really not sure how this would ever be used, so if you actually use this, send me a note.

Bugs/To Do

    There are no bugs. Only misinterpretation of the documentation.
    Accept C<ddate>-style input. And possibly output the same format as
        ddate, since that seems more widely accepted
    Perhaps an option of some variety to be able to create dates to use
        the 4000bc epoch rather than the 1166bc epoch
    Get mentioned in more articles about the cool things you can do with
        Perl (

General comments

When I first started working on this module, it was purely as an exercise to get started on Date:: modules in general. Since that time, I have become alarmingly aware of how the events of real life seem to follow the Discordian calendrical rhythm. Perhaps this is just because everything sucks all of the time, but it seems to be a little deeper than this.

You can find out more about the Discordian Calendar at and at a plethora of other sites on the Internet.

It is related to the Principia Discordia ( and the "religion" of Discordianism. I suppose that there are people that actually take this sort of thing seriously. But then, there are people that collect Beanie Babies, so what do you expect?


        Rich Bowen (DrBacchus) <> 
          -- (doubter of the wisdom of Discordianism)
        Matt Cashner <> 
          -- (Sungo the Funky)



Reefknot ( (

Calendrical Calculations, by Reingold and Dershowitz. Not that it has anything to do with this calendar, but it is a great resource if you are interested in algorithmic calendars. And, on that same note, the Oxford Companion to the Year is a wonderful book too.