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Toby Inkster
RDF::iCalendar - convert from RDF to iCalendar
RDF::iCalendar::Entity - represents an iCalendar calendar, event, todo, etc.
RDF::iCalendar::Exporter - export RDF data to iCalendar format
RDF::iCalendar::Line - represents a line within a vCard
Changes for version 0.004
    • (Addition) Add a vaguely decent test case.
    • (Bugfix) Explicitly require RDF::vCard. ++$JONASS
    • (Bugfix) Remove references to paths on TOBYINK's local computer from example script. ++$JONASS
    • (Bugfix) Stop claiming to be able to convert between RDF and iCalendar; right now it's only one-way. ++$JONASS

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