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Changes for version 0.04

  • I found a couple of problems that made me re-think the module IO::Capture::ErrorMessages. As a result, I am removing this module from the distribution. It is now depreciated and will be remove in the next release. IO::Capture::Stderr now has has the same functionality that IO::Capture::Stderr did previously, and can be used instead.
  • I have changed the base class so that you can now pass arguments to derived classes.
  • I have added a new parameter to IO::Capture::Stderr, "FORCE_CAPTURE_WARN". It controls capturing text sent via warn(), if $SIG{__WARN__} has been changed. The default is to let the text go to the handler set in $SIG{__WARN__}. If you want to override this, set FORCE_CAPTURE_WARN to a 1.



Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output.
Capture all output sent to STDERR
Capture any output sent to STDOUT


in lib/IO/Capture/