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Changes for version 0.22

  • validity checks for expected(), variance(), skewness() and kurtosis() changed to ensure that the frequencies of each state are defined.
  • observed() changed to not only increment from the second element if it is different from the first, but to also count 1 if it is the first element and possibly only element. The result is no different from the prior algorithm, which simply set the count to increment from 1, not 0.
  • cases where there are no elements in the loaded sequence, or there is only one state in the sequence, revised so that the expected and z_values are empty strings in the first case, and only expected is defined in the second (z_score is again empty, because there is no variance).
  • observed_per_state() method also revised to ensure handles a sequence with only 1 run, or an empty sequence (see POD).
  • p_value exact method rationalised so that tails arg has no effect
  • require Statistics::Zed of 0.10 in build
  • croak re more than 2 states no longer also prints all states (could be many)
  • p_value changed to not call parent stats_hash() method for its (own) values; get them itself
  • bi_frequency edited to set @vals = as values of %states by default, not end of if() clause
  • removed excessive aliases and experimental lrx() method
  • POD additions and edits, adding SUPPORT section


The Runs Test: Wald-Wolfowitz runs test descriptives, deviation and combinatorics