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Changes for version 0.22

  • t/00_load.t (deleted)
  • t/01_pod.t (deleted)
  • t/02_pod_coverage.t (deleted)
  • xt/00_load.t
  • xt/01_pod.t
  • xt/02_pod_coverage.t Move author-only tests to the xt/ directory.
  • t/20_regex.t
  • t/25_glob.t
  • t/40_all.t Consider volume when creating path to
  • t/10_basic.t
  • t/80_split.t Additions to increase code-coverage of tests.
  • lib/Env/ Bug fixes, critic clean-up and some docs clean-up. Some fixes related to getting better code-coverage in test suites.
  • lib/Env/ Removed a left-over debugging line, doc fixes.


Export %ENV values as constant subroutines