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Changes for version 0.40

  • Fixed some grammar problems in error messages, and some formatting.
  • Fixed a bug in the new() method of Apache::RPC::Server where it was expecting the value of the "apache" key to be an object of the Apache::Server class, but it was actually getting an object of the Apache class.
  • Created RPC::XML::Function class, which is a type of server-side encapsulator that doesn't bother with signature tests of any kind. The DTD and make_method tool support the new type.
  • Changed the encoding of the Perl code in etc/make_method as follows: If the code does not already contain either of the two sequences, ']]>' or '__DATA__', then the code is wrapped in a <![CDATA[ ]]> section, with #!/usr/bin/perl (actually, $Config{startperl}) at the head and __DATA__ at the end. Besides leaving the Perl code readable, the *.xpl files can now be syntax-checked with "perl -cx". Thanks to the mod_perl guys for this idea, cribbed from their manual page.
  • Abstracted some of the invocation code out of the server class and into the RPC::XML::Procedure class, where it really belonged. This aided in further eliminating redundancy in the server class in the same general area. I may yet want to tune this area, but I'm a good deal happier with the reduction in complexity and repetition.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server