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Changes for version 0.54

  • Extended the $CLEAN list in Makefile.PL to also delete all *.ppd files. Also bumped the package version number to 0.54.
  • Applied a patch from Tim Peoples that does three things: the 301 error code in RPC::XML::Procedure::call now includes signature info when a signature mismatch occurs. RPC::XML::smart_encode turns undef values into zero-length RPC::XML::string objects. Lastly, the RPC::XML::string::as_string method turns undef into null values as well.
  • Small change to the XML character-escaping in RPC::XML::string's as_string method, so that a lookup-table is used. The same table is now used to escape keys in structs, as well. Added tests to cover this. This was suggested by Johnathan Kupferer.
  • Made a small change for the sake of syntax pedantry to t/20_parse.t.
  • Fix to the error-handling for a failed LWP::UserAgent->request call in RPC::XML::Client::send_request (thanks to Jasper Cramwinckel). Also got a small glitch covered in one of the calls to the inflate() method in Compress::Zlib. Thanks to John Tobing for that one.
  • Dropped a regex-compare in favor of a string-compare for the special case of the XML tag being dateTime.iso8601. In some locales, the 'lc' caused problems. This is near RPC::XML::Parser line 288.
  • Applied a patch to Apache::RPC::Server (supplied by Tim Peoples) to support "NoCompression" as a PerlSetVar directive, the function of which is to disable compression support upon demand.
  • Fixed two minor typos in the Apache::RPC::Server docs, the names for two of the PerlSetVar directives.
  • Added to the docs the fact that struct keys are now escaped. Also put some coverage in the docs on the two ways of initializing a struct object.
  • Applied a patch from Chris Darroch to allow better handling of arguments in RPC::XML::Server::server_loop. While the HTTP::Daemon portion was fine with collapsing the arg list into a hash, the Net::Server portion actually has documented behavior when it sees the same argument more than once, and collapsing to a hash caused these extra arguments to be lost.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server