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Randy J Ray
make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server
Apache::RPC::Server - A subclass of RPC::XML::Server tuned for mod_perl
Apache::RPC::Status - A status monitor similar to Apache::Status for RPC
RPC::XML - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
RPC::XML::Client - An XML-RPC client class
RPC::XML::Parser - Interface for parsers created by RPC::XML::ParserFactory
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLLibXML - A container class for XML::LibXML
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser - A container class for XML::Parser
RPC::XML::ParserFactory - A factory class for RPC::XML::Parser objects
RPC::XML::Procedure - Object encapsulation of server-side RPC procedures
RPC::XML::Server - A server base-class for XML-RPC
RPC::XML::array in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::base64 in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::boolean in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::datatype in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::datetime_iso8601 in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::double in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::fault in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::Function in lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm
RPC::XML::i4 in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::i8 in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::int in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::Method in lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm
RPC::XML::nil in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::request in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::response in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::simple_type in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::string in lib/RPC/XML.pm
RPC::XML::struct in lib/RPC/XML.pm
Changes for version 0.75
  • etc/make_method
    • Fixes from new Perl::Critic::Bangs policies.
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm
    • RT #67694: Fix a potential infinite-loop condition.
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Status.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Client.pm
    • Removed some error checks that can never fail.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Function.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Function.pm (deleted)
  • lib/RPC/XML/Method.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Method.pm (deleted)
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/ParserFactory.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm
  • t/10_data.t
  • t/11_base64_fh.t
  • t/12_nil.t
  • t/15_serialize.t
  • t/20_xml_parser.t
  • t/21_xml_libxml.t
  • t/25_parser_negative.t (added)
  • t/29_parserfactory.t
  • t/30_method.t
  • t/40_server.t
  • t/40_server_xmllibxml.t
  • t/41_server_hang.t
    • Undo a change to this suite from yannk's pull.
  • t/50_client.t
  • t/51_client_with_host_header.t
    • Added new test suite to MANIFEST, fixed spelling. Also added
    • "plan tests" line to the test suite.
  • t/51_client_with_host_header.t (added)
    • RT #68792: Merge pull request #2 from dragon3/master
    • (https://github.com/dragon3). Allow setting of "Host" header,
    • and test suite for it.
  • t/BadParserClass.pm (added)
  • t/meth_good_1.xpl
  • t/meth_good_2.xpl (added)
  • t/meth_good_3.xpl
    • RPC::XML::Procedure test-coverage improvement. Also removed
    • some unneeded code.
  • t/meth_good_3.xpl (added)
    • Fixes for file-based method loading/reloading. New tests in the
    • suite, and re-working of the ugliest hacky part of this package.
  • t/namespace3.xpl
  • t/svsm_text.b64 (added)
  • t/util.pl
    • First round of Devel::Cover-inspired improvements. These are
    • the changes to the test suites to increase coverage of the code.
  • xt/01_pod.t
  • xt/02_pod_coverage.t
    • Removed some dead code and better did the aliases. This
    • required a change in t/40_server.t for a private sub that no
    • longer exists. Also updated xt/02_pod_coverage.t for private
    • subs that have no pod.
  • xt/03_meta.t
  • xt/04_minimumversion.t
  • xt/05_critic.t
    • Adjustments to reflect moving from t to xt. Also made changes
    • to xt/02_pod_coverage.t to reflect changes to modules.

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