Changes for version 0.12 - 2008-10-22

  • lib/Test/Formats/ t/10_xml/10_sgmldtd.t: t/10_xml/20_xmlschema.t: t/10_xml/30_relaxng.t: t/90_integration/10_with_xml.t: t/90_integration/90_empty_subclass.t: Per suggestions from Schwern, added <type>_ok aliases for the tests, and also swapped the order of the $document and $schema arguments to all the tests. While at it, added tests for each of the three schema-types to test the aliases directly.
  • lib/Test/Formats/ Follow-up the previous with carrying over the argument-ordering change to the is_valid_against() subroutine. Also fleshed out some overlooked (i.e., forgotten) documentation for is_well_formed_xml().


An umbrella class for test classes that target formatted data
Test::Formats specialization that tests XML content