Randy J Ray

Changes for version 0.31

  • Build.PL: lib/WebService/ISBNDB.pm: t/00_load.t: Added a WebService::ISBNDB module. This is an empty module that acts as the version place-holder, both for build numbering and for testing by modules that depend on this package.
  • lib/WebService/ISBNDB/API.pm: t/05_api_baseclass.t: Found that creating an API object with an explicit API key argument was ignoring the user argument and using the default all the time. Also created test cases to check this going forward.
  • lib/WebService/ISBNDB/API/Books.pm: t/50_books.t: t/Books-book_id=programming_web_services_with_perl.xml: Fixed a bug in which looking up a book (via find()) with the ID instead of the ISBN did not work. Added a unit test for this, as well.
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