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Rob Kinyon

Changes for version 1.0019_001

  • (This is the first developer release for 1.0020.) (This version is compatible with 1.0014)
    • DBM::Deep has been refactored to allow for multiple engines. There are two
    • engines built so far:
      • File (the original engine)
      • DBI (an engine based on DBI)
  • The DBI engine has only been tested on MySQL and isn't transactional.
    • InnoDB sucks horribly. When run in a sufficient isolation mode, it creates deadlocks.
  • A custom Build.PL has been written to allow for running tests under CPAN.pm against the various engines.
    • This also allows running the long tests under CPAN.pm
  • This has meant a ton of refactoring. Hopefullly, this refactoring will allow finding some of the niggly bugs more easily. Those tests have not been enabled yet. That's the next developer release.
  • Hopefully, this multi-engine support will allow deprecation of the file format in the future.
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