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Rob Kinyon

Changes for version 1.0019_002

  • (This is the second developer release for 1.0020.) (This version is compatible with 1.0014)
    • Fixed bug where attempting to store a value tied to something other than
    • DBM::Deep would leave the file flocked.
      • Added support for DBD::SQLite
      • Build.PL has been extended to support sqlite vs. mysql
      • Storage::DBI now detects between the two DBDs
  • (RT #51888) Applied POD patch (Thanks, FWIE!)
  • (RT #44981) Added VERSION to ::Array, ::Engine, and ::Hash
  • Removed extraneous slashes from POD links (Thanks ilmari!)
  • (RT #50541) Fixed bug in clear() for hashes in the File backend.
    • This has caused a regression in speed for clear() when clearing large hashes using running with the File backend. ->clear() (on my machine) now takes ( N / 40 ) ** (1.66) seconds. So, clearing 4000 keys (as is the test in t/03_bighash.t) would take ~2070 seconds.
  • (RT #40782) Fixed bug when handling a key of '0' (Thanks Sterling!)
  • (RT #48031) Fixed bug with localized $, (Thanks, SPROUT!)
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