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CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Search - DBI information for searching the CPAN::SQLite database
cpandb - interface to CPAN::SQLite
CPAN::SQLite - maintain and search a minimal CPAN database UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::DBI - DBI information for the CPAN::SQLite database UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Index - DBI information for indexing the CPAN::SQLite database UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::Index - set up or update database tables. UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::Info - extract information from CPAN indices UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::META - helper module for CPAN.pm integration UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::Populate - create and populate database tables UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::Search - perform queries on the database UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::State - get state information on the database UNAUTHORIZED
CPAN::SQLite::Util - export some common data structures used by CPAN::SQLite::* UNAUTHORIZED
Changes for version 0.196
    • turn off creation of log files during indexing procedures via setting $ENV{CPAN_SQLITE_NO_LOG_FILES}, as suggested by DAGOLDEN: http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=36411

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