Changes for version 1.1.0

  • Added SOAPjr::response::add_error() utility method that expects a property, optional context (defaults to BODY) and an error { code => NNN, message => blah }
  • Updated SOAPjr::response::output() to it automatically sets HEAD.result if HEAD.errors have been set
  • Updated pod in SOAPjr to reflect these changes, along with some other minor pod edits
  • Added the use of Carp for warning about missing params, etc.
  • Separated SOAPjr::response::send() - output() returns the serialised object and send() calls output() and prints what's returned
  • Updated SOAPjr::base::set() to differentiate between HASHes (an additive set) and other (a replacement set)


the love child of SOAP and JR (JSON-RPC)
base class for SOAPjr objects
base class for SOAPjr::request and SOAPjr::response objects
the SOAPjr request object
the SOAPjr response object