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Changes for version v6.0.0 - 2024-07-10

  • Drop support for Perl 5.10. podlators now requires Perl 5.12 or later.
  • podlators now uses semantic versioning for the package and module versions, with a v prefix to work with Perl's packaging system.
  • Pod::Man now translates all "-" characters in the input into *roff "\-" escapes (normally rendered as an ASCII hyphen-minus, U+002D) rather than using fragile heuristics to decide which characters represent true hyphens and which represent ASCII hyphen-minus. The previous heuristics misrendered command names such as apt-get, causing search and cut-and-paste issues. This change may cause line-break issues with long hyphenated phrases. In cases where the intent is a true hyphen, consider using UTF-8 as the POD character set (declared with =encoding) and using true Unicode hyphens instead of the ASCII "-" character.
  • Pod::Man now disables the special *roff interpretation of "`" and "'" characters as paired quotes everywhere, not just in verbatim text, thus forcing them to be interpreted as the regular ASCII characters. This also disables the use of "``" and "''" for paired double-quotes. The rationale is similar to that for hyphens: there is no way to tell from the POD source that the special interpretation as quotes is intended. To produce paired typographic quotes in the output, use UTF-8 and Unicode paired quote characters.
  • Man page references in L<> that are detected as such by Pod::Simple are now always formatted as man page references even if our normal heuristic would not detect them. This fixes the formatting of constructions such as @@RXVT_NAME@@perl(3), which are used by packages that format a man page with POD and then substitute variables into it at build time. Thanks to Marco Sirabella for the analysis and an initial patch. (GitHub #21)
  • Add a workaround to Pod::Man to force persistent ragged-right justification under nroff with groff 1.23.0. Thanks to Guillem Jover for the report and G. Branden Robinson for the analysis. (GitHub #23)
  • Fix wrapping of text with S<> markup in all subclasses of Pod::Text. Thanks to Jim Avera for the report. (GitHub #24)
  • Pod::Man now forces a blank line after a nested list contains only =item tags without bodies. In previous versions, the blank line before the next item in the surrounding =over block was not included. Thanks to Julien ÉLIE for the report. (GitHub #26)
  • Import PerlIO before checking for layers so that PerlIO::F_UTF8 is available, which fixes double-encoding of output when a :utf8 layer is in place and PerlIO is not imported. Thanks to youpong for the bug report, James Keenan for the elaboration, and Graham Knop for the fix. (GitHub #25)
  • pod2text --help now exits with status 0, not 1, matching normal UNIX command behavior and the behavior of pod2man. (GitHub #19)
  • Fix tests when NO_COLOR is set in the environment. (GitHub #20)


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