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Changes for version 0.41

  • commented-out passthrough option in since it will filter valid subpaths incorrectly
  • corrected inaccurate REQUIREMENTS section in POD, README
  • explicitly uses Data::Types module
  • uses Scalar::Util module
  • fixed bugs in strinklike and numberlike test functions
  • added more tests
  • more documentation updates
  • callback is called for unjoined paths returned by find_paths
  • callback option for find_paths is passed the split index
  • path_id, origin and destination can be objects so long as they have string conversion and comparison overloaded; likewise, depart_time and arrive_time can be objects so long as they too have numeric conversion and comparison overloaded.
  • copy methods renamed to clone
  • uses Clone module
  • more documentation updates
  • when copying edge, warning when data contains a reference
  • interface for Edge::new constructor is changed: it no longer accepts hash references for arguments
  • uses Class::Meta instead of Class::Accessor
  • modules register warnings (warnings only when enabled)
  • added more tests
  • Path::add_edge checks that arrive_time >= depart_time
  • requires Test::Exception and Test::Warn for tests
  • added use of callback in eg/ demo
  • added callback option in find_paths
  • corrected typos in documentation


Find scheduled paths in a directed graph
Edge class for Algorithm::ScheduledPath
Path class for Algorithm::ScheduledPath


in lib/Algorithm/ScheduledPath/