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Changes for version 0.73_01

  • renamed module to Algorithm::SkipList from List::SkipList
  • Node and Header types are now in separate files
  • List::SkipList is included, but gives deprecation warnings
  • header node gives warnings when calling key or value methods
  • heavy test has less tests for standard dist
  • renamed test files
  • minor code changes
  • corrected typos in POD
  • removed benchmarking code from etc/
  • redid version numbering of Node and Header classes, since they were ignored by PAUSE/CPAN indexers anyway
  • added PurePerl dummy class


Perl implementation of skip lists
header node class for Algorithm::SkipList
node class for Algorithm::SkipList
Pure-Perl implementation of skip lists
Perl implementation of skip lists


in lib/List/
in lib/List/