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Changes for version 0.06

  • replaced Params::Validate with Params::Smart in constructors
  • revised internals for handling errors
  • Params::Smart 0.05 required
  • Compress::Zlib and IO::Zlib are now explicitly required (for use by Archive::Tar)
  • plugins verify status of archive before operations
  • option to show version and license info in mozback script
  • plugins have smarter error handling/return values
  • methods return failure codes rather than croaking
  • uses Return::Value
  • _find_profile_path is now (publicly) documented
  • added support for Beonex profile
  • updated POD for README generation
  • improved code to find profile on Windows 9x/NT
  • added code to munge prefs.js after restore_profile
  • uses IO::File
  • uses Regexp::Common
  • updated default excludes
  • updated documentation
  • set perms in FileCopy
  • added example to FileCopy
  • changed tests


Backup utility for Mozilla profiles
A file copy plugin for Mozilla::Backup
A tar archive plugin for Mozilla::Backup
A zip archive plugin for Mozilla::Backup
Manipulation of Mozilla profiles.ini files