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Changes for version v1.0.0_01

  • Incompatabilities
    • Major rewrite, using modern Perl v5.10.1.
    • This module is no longer a subclass of a POD parsing module. Instead, it is a simple POD filter.
  • New Features
    • Added support for plugins.
    • Added a "changes" plugin for parsing Changes files.
    • Added a "version" plugin for including the current version.
    • Added a "requires" plugin for listing module requirements.
    • The pod2readme script has been rewritten to take a variety of options, and can various formats, such as HTML, Markdown, POD or RTF.
  • Documentation
    • Changes rewritten to conform to CPAN::Changes::Spec.
    • README is now in Markdown format.
  • Other Changes
    • Switched to semantic versioning.
    • Added MANIFEST.SKIP to distribution.
    • QA tests are no longer part of the distribution.
    • Makefile.PL uses Module::Install.


Generate a README file from POD


generate README files from POD
plugin role for Pod::Readme
include latest Changes in README
include requirements in README
include version in README


in lib/Pod/Readme/