Ralf S. Engelschall


  • Slice - Extract pre-defined slices from an ASCII file


  • Bit::Vector - arbitrary length bit vectors base class UNAUTHORIZED
  • Getopt::Long - extended processing of command line options UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO - load various IO modules UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Dir - supply object methods for directory handles UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::File - supply object methods for filehandles UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Handle - supply object methods for I/O handles UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Pipe - supply object methods for pipes UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Poll - Object interface to system poll call UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Seekable - supply seek based methods for I/O objects UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Select - OO interface to the select system call UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Socket - Object interface to socket communications UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Socket::INET - Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets UNAUTHORIZED
  • IO::Socket::UNIX - Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets UNAUTHORIZED