Changes for version 1.63_02 - 2013-04-17

  • _Set now can take undef as argument to mean default or NULL. Still may result in error if default is not defined and no_nulls is true for the column. If old behaviour is required set $record->{'no_undefs_in_set'} to true value.
  • FUNCTION argument is now allowed in Limit. Code to combine FUNCTION, ALIAS and FIELD was refactored and unified in one place - CombineFunctionWithField method. Used in Column, GroupBy and Limit. This change should be backwards compatible.
  • Handle->DateTimeIntervalFunction

Changes for version 1.63_01 - 2013-03-27

  • IN and NOT IN operators in ->Limit method
  • Add an AdditionalColumn method to collections
  • Add an AS parameter to Column method in collections
  • Consistent query generation by sorting hash keys/values


Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects
Perl extension which is a generic DBI handle
An Informix specific Handle object
An ODBC specific Handle object
An oracle specific Handle object
A Postgres specific Handle object
A SQLite specific Handle object
a Sybase specific Handle object
A mysql specific Handle object
A mysql specific Handle object
Superclass for records loaded by SearchBuilder
Records with caching behavior
Generate table schemas from DBIx::SearchBuilder records
Deal with multiple SearchBuilder result sets as one
Ensure uniqueness of records in a collection
Utility and convenience functions for DBIx::SearchBuilder