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Reflex::Doc - What is Reflex, and how do I use it?
Reflex - Class library for flexible, reactive programs.
Reflex::Acceptor - a non-blocking server (client socket acceptor)
Reflex::Base - Base class for reactive (aka, event driven) objects.
Reflex::Callback - Generic callback adapters to simplify calling back
Reflex::Callback::CodeRef - Callback adapter for plain code references
Reflex::Callback::Method - Callback adapter for class and object methods
Reflex::Callback::Promise - Non-callback, inline Promise adapter
Reflex::Callbacks - Convenience functions for creating and using callbacks
Reflex::Client - A non-blocking socket client.
Reflex::Collection - Autmatically manage a collection of collectible objects
Reflex::Connector - non-blocking client socket connector
Reflex::Interval - A stand-alone multi-shot periodic callback
Reflex::PID - Watch the exit of a subprocess by its SIGCHLD signal.
Reflex::POE::Event - Communicate with POE components expecting events.
Reflex::POE::Postback - Communicate with POE components expecting postbacks.
Reflex::POE::Session - Watch events from a POE::Session object.
Reflex::POE::Wheel - Base class for POE::Wheel wrappers.
Reflex::POE::Wheel::Run - Represent POE::Wheel::Run as a Reflex class.
Reflex::Role - define a Reflex paramaterized role
Reflex::Role::Accepting - add connection accepting to a class
Reflex::Role::Collectible - add manageability by Reflex::Collection
Reflex::Role::Connecting - add non-blocking client connecting to a class
Reflex::Role::InStreaming - add streaming input behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Interval - set a periodic, recurring timer
Reflex::Role::OutStreaming - add streaming input behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::PidCatcher - add async process reaping behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Reactive - Make an object reactive (aka, event driven).
Reflex::Role::Readable - add readable-watching behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Reading - add standard sysread() behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Recving - Mix standard send/recv code into a class.
Reflex::Role::SigCatcher - add signal catching behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Streaming - add streaming I/O behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Timeout - set a wakeup callback for a relative delay
Reflex::Role::Wakeup - set a wakeup callback for a particular UNIX time
Reflex::Role::Writable - add writable-watching behavior to a class
Reflex::Role::Writing - add buffered non-blocking syswrite() to a class
Reflex::Signal - receive callbacks when signals arrive
Reflex::Stream - Buffered, translated I/O on non-blocking handles.
Reflex::Timeout - A stand-alone single-shot delayed callback
Reflex::Trait::EmitsOnChange - Emit an event when an attribute's value changes.
Reflex::Trait::Observed - Automaticall watch Reflex objects.
Reflex::Trait::Watched - Automatically watch Reflex objects.
Reflex::UdpPeer - Base class for non-blocking UDP networking peers.
Reflex::Wakeup - A stand-alone single-shot callback at an absolute time
AfterAwhileClass in docs/intro/AfterAwhileClass.pm
AfterAwhileRole in docs/intro/AfterAwhileRole.pm
AfterAwhileSubclass in docs/intro/AfterAwhileSubclass.pm
AsyncAwhileClass in docs/intro/AsyncAwhileClass.pm
AsyncAwhileRole in docs/intro/AsyncAwhileRole.pm
EventBench::ObjectMethod::Array in bench/objectmethod-array.pm
EventBench::ObjectMethod::CBManager in bench/objectmethod-cbmanager.pm
EventBench::ObjectMethod::Hash in bench/objectmethod-hash.pm
EventBench::Reflex::Event in bench/lib/EventBench/Reflex/Event.pm
Reflex::Codec::Message in lib/Reflex/Codec/Message.pm
Reflex::Codec::Message::Datagram in lib/Reflex/Codec/Message/Datagram.pm
Reflex::Codec::Message::Eof in lib/Reflex/Codec/Message/Eof.pm
Reflex::Codec::Message::Stream in lib/Reflex/Codec/Message/Stream.pm
Reflex::Decoder::Line in lib/Reflex/Decoder/Line.pm
Reflex::Eg in lib/Reflex/Eg.pm
Reflex::Eg::Inheritance::Moose in lib/Reflex/Eg/Inheritance/Moose.pm
Reflex::Eg::Inheritance::Plain in lib/Reflex/Eg/Inheritance/Plain.pm
Reflex::Encoder::Line in lib/Reflex/Encoder/Line.pm
Reflex::Event in lib/Reflex/Event.pm
Reflex::Event::Datagram in lib/Reflex/Event/Datagram.pm
Reflex::Event::EOF in lib/Reflex/Event/EOF.pm
Reflex::Event::Error in lib/Reflex/Event/Error.pm
Reflex::Event::FileHandle in lib/Reflex/Event/FileHandle.pm
Reflex::Event::Flushed in lib/Reflex/Event/Flushed.pm
Reflex::Event::Interval in lib/Reflex/Event/Interval.pm
Reflex::Event::Octets in lib/Reflex/Event/Octets.pm
Reflex::Event::POE in lib/Reflex/Event/POE.pm
Reflex::Event::Postback in lib/Reflex/Event/Postback.pm
Reflex::Event::SigChild in lib/Reflex/Event/SigChild.pm
Reflex::Event::Signal in lib/Reflex/Event/Signal.pm
Reflex::Event::Socket in lib/Reflex/Event/Socket.pm
Reflex::Event::Time in lib/Reflex/Event/Time.pm
Reflex::Event::Timeout in lib/Reflex/Event/Timeout.pm
Reflex::Event::ValueChange in lib/Reflex/Event/ValueChange.pm
Reflex::Event::Wakeup in lib/Reflex/Event/Wakeup.pm
Reflex::Filehandle in lib/Reflex/Filehandle.pm
Reflex::Role::Decoding in lib/Reflex/Role/Decoding.pm
Reflex::Role::Decoding::Datagram in lib/Reflex/Role/Decoding/Datagram.pm
Reflex::Role::Decoding::Stream in lib/Reflex/Role/Decoding/Stream.pm
Reflex::Role::Encoding in lib/Reflex/Role/Encoding.pm

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