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Steven Haryanto
Rinci - Language-neutral metadata for your code entities
Rinci::Transaction - A transactional system based on functions
Rinci::Undo - (DEPRECATED) Protocol for undo operations in functions
Rinci::Upgrading - Upgrading from previous version of specification
Rinci::function - Metadata for your functions/methods
Rinci::package - Metadata for your namespaces/packages
Rinci::result - Function/method result metadata
Rinci::variable - Metadata for your variables
Rinci - Language-neutral metadata for your code
Sah::Schema::Rinci - Sah schemas for Rinci metadata
Changes for version 1.1.52
    • Allow completion routine to return hash (completion reply + metadata) instead of just array (completion reply), as already implemented in Perinci::Sub::Complete and Complete::Util.

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