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Changes for version 0.0001 - 2010-07-21

  • Black::Board is now a MooseX::Singleton.
  • Black::Board::Message object now contains the current publisher, topic, and subscriber.
  • Black::Board::Message now contains the meta object from the creator of the message. Black::Board::publish() passes the caller()s meta object along to the message.
  • Several optimizations thanks to NYTProf!!
  • Updated synopsis examples.
  • added with_meta() to Message object to track where a message is created
  • added examples directory with a couple examples
  • added some tests, still not complete
  • added examples and a simple NYTProf html generator shell script
  • initial version


Manual for Black::Board::Manual


publish messages and subscribe to topics
param based Message for Bread::Board
Publisher object for Black::Board, dispatches to Topic subscribers
Subscriber class for Black::Board
Topic module for Black::Board, meshes Messages with Subscribers
gives you a parent and the ability to find root
exports types for Black::Board