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Changes for version 1.005_000

  • PLEASE NOTE: Readonly::XS is no longer needed!
    • Again, Readonly::XS is no longer needed.
    • Merged typo fix from David Steinbrunner RT#86350/#2
    • Merged patch (w/ tests, yay!) from Daniel P. Risse RT#37864
    • Upstream magic related bugs were reported to p5p and fixed in perl itself so we can resolve the following local issues: RT#70167, RT#57382, RT#29487, RT#36653, RT#24216.
    • Reported RT#120122 (tie + smartmatch bug) upstream to p5p. Will eventually resolve local [RT#59256].
    • Note: Resolved RT#16167 (benchmark.pl being installed) in 1.04.
    • Use readonly support exposed in Internals on perl >=5.8.x
    • Have I mentioned you don't need to install Readonly::XS anymore?
    • Checking Readonly::XS::Okay is no longer suggested. ...never should have been
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  • Readonly - Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes