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Changes for version 0.19

  • [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#20635: Fix tests to avoid problems related to the "stream" mechanism which occured on Debian and Cygwin. [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#20780: Facility could not be temporarily changed. Also fixes the syslog() before openlog() bug. [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#21333: Makefile.PL now creates a typemap for Perl 5.6.1 [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#21516: disconnect_log() now correctly calls closelog_xs(). [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#21866: Silence warnings in openlog(). [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#25488: Silence warnings in disconnect_log(). via syslog(). [BUGFIX] Rewrote the constants generation code in order to provide fallback value for non-standard macros. [FEATURE] Added Win32 event log support thanks to Yves Orton. [FEATURE] Added new macros from modern BSD and IRIX. [FEATURE] Each non-standard macro now fall backs to a standard macro. [CODE] Merged changes from Jerry D. Hedden to use ppport.h only when not built from core distribution (blead@30657). [TESTS] t/syslog.t now generates a more detailled TAP output. [TESTS] Merged change blead@29176: suppress taint mode from t/constants.t [TESTS] Added regression tests for CPAN-RT#21866 and #25488. [EG] Added example script eg/syslog.pl [DOC] Added the Sys::Syslog Rules.
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