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Changes for version 0.28

  • [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#56084: Reset connection tracking vars (Vladimir Marek). [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#56826: Avoid memory corruption when closelog() is called twice (Andreas Jaekel). [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#64287: Make strftime() Windows-compatible (Dave Stafford). [FEATURE] New API for setlogsock(), in order to allow the setting of new options. Thanks to Jake Scott for the idea. [CODE] Modify can_load() so it can print the warnings if desired. [CODE] CPAN-RT#44410: Provide fallback macros in Syslog.xs in order to compile on Novell Netware. [TESTS] In blead, the distribution was moved from ext/Sys/Syslog to ext/Sys-Syslog. t/constants.t had to be fixed (Vincent Pit). [TESTS] CPAN-RT#53317: In core, Sys-Syslog was moved to cpan/, thus making t/constants.t unable to find macros.all (David Mitchell). [TESTS] CPAN-RT#64716: Skip t/data-validation.t if the available version of POE::Component::Server::Syslog is too old. [DIST] Bleadperl no longer require an empty MAN3PODS (Nicholas Clark). [DIST] Removed unneeded modules in Makefile.PL (Nicholas Clark). [DOC] Recreated Sys::Syslog history from the unified git repository. [DOC] Added a section to list the matching Perl and Sys::Syslog version. [DOC] CPAN-RT#49859: Removed a dead link (Leon Brocard).


Win32 support for Sys::Syslog


Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
Win32 support for Sys::Syslog