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Changes for version 0.48 - 2007-03-12

  • Merged development version to stable.

Changes for version 0.47_07 - 2007-03-06

  • Corrected the spelling of the mistakenly lower-case written configuration option "Use_Native_Ordering" within make2build.
  • Ensured that de- or re-quoted arguments have a trailing comma. The last argument within multiple arguments remains without a comma.
  • Code statements as arguments within the arguments list are properly dequoted. Furthermore, "complex" constructs consisting of variables intermixed with static data are double-quoted.

Changes for version 0.47_06 - 2007-03-03

  • A greedy match was the cause that the ampersand (&) wasn't removed from &WriteMakefile(). The regular expression has been adjusted.
  • Instead of deleting all single- & doublequotes in $value within _parse_process_string(), now only leading and trailing quotes are being removed.
  • Comments to be removed from the parsing string are now being properly escaped. The substitution in _parse_process_code() was previously broken.
  • Integrated negative zero-width look-ahead assertion in the regular expression matching strings within _parse_makefile().
  • MakeMaker's MY:: subs are now being removed. The strings are fetched by _extract_sub().
  • Included the documentation of the -c switch in make2build.

Changes for version 0.47_05 - 2007-02-18

  • Comments "attached" to an argument and loose comments are properly processed.
  • Code chunks and variables are now being handled by Text::Balanced's extract_codeblock() and extract_variable().
  • A new configuration option has been introduced: 'Process_Code'. Processing "code" may be invoked via the -c parameter of make2build.

Changes for version 0.47_04 - 2007-02-14

  • In _debug_array_text() an attempt was made to dereference a non- reference. Changed variable content to reflect actual array reference.

Changes for version 0.47_03 - 2007-02-11

  • Moved large parts of the Makefile parser to external subroutines.
  • Deprecated use of inserting unknown Makefile chunks to the data structure and hence to the Build.PL generated. The according subroutines haven't been removed, solely uncommented.
  • "Re-executing" the parser when processing multiple directories unleashed some malfunctionality: the current directory, that should be reprocessed was silently skipped, because we were shifting the directory array and didn't unshift but push the directory, which worked for a single directory, but not for multiples. Furthermore, re-displaying the list with pending items was surpressed in order to not confuse the user.

Changes for version 0.47_02 - 2007-02-04

  • Replaced deprecated defined() behaviour on dereferenced array references with anonymous array references alternations.
  • Use IO::Prompt::prompt() for prompting. Added as prerequisite.

Changes for version 0.47_01 - 2007-01-24

  • Tiny refactoring of convert().
  • IO::File->new invocations have now a separate mode argument.
  • _exists_overwrite()'s visual output has been improved.


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