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Changes for version 0.99_989

  • Added some DOCSIS3 functions to aid in profile capture for DOCSIS 1.0 and DOCSIS3 speeds.

Changes for version 0.99_988

  • Added Telnet off by default for STM information Requested as part of a clean for keeping convention, but allowing it to be turned on off, without changing parts of the code when being called.

Changes for version 0.99_987

  • Added CMTS_Motorola_get_config
  • $result = $test->CMTS_Motorola_get_config( \%routers, \%configuration, "username", "password", "enable" );

Changes for version 0.99_986

Changes for version 0.99_985

  • Added global STM_Safety_Limit for setting safety margin for end of STM periods

Changes for version 0.99_984

  • Added HC counters into the Router_get_interfaces functions Router_get_interfaces_Blocking Router_get_interfaces (see man page for more details) Fixed STM timer so it can now do times regardless of being an hour boundary

Changes for version 0.99_983

  • Removed the POSIX use. No longer required. If you need POSIX include it in your own script. Added more debug to STM polling and fixed logic so blocking and non blocking are the same. Added another example script to show non blocking use for STM and also to show how to turn debug on in the module.

Changes for version 0.99_982

  • Removed the 'alive' check after STM polling. STM polling has other issues so not a 100%, thus deemed unreliable. Added more debug output for STM polling when DEBUG=>1 enabled in the module

Changes for version 0.99_981

  • Fixed up some of the dubious coding that has crept in.
  • Ripped out all the DOCSIS1.1/3 service flow code.

Changes for version 0.99_980

  • Fixed some Blocking functions to be comparable to non blocking Added Router 'alive' check after STM Blocking has polled a router Added single mac change for DOCSIS1.0 speeds ( Cisco only ) Added DOCSIS1.1/DOCSIS3 service flow capture by MAC Added capture all devices, flow speeds, and usage, packets/octets Added capture for specific MAC address Service flow information is 32 bit (arrgg!!) Added the need for some IO modules in preparation to adding IPDR support

Changes for version 0.99_978

  • Modified the STM polling code. Now the STM gather code gets the STM profiles and their definitions to determine if the the router should be polled. NTP *MUST* be configured on the router so that the time the UBR thinks it is can be checked against the STM window.

Changes for version 0.99_977

  • Added DOCSIS modulation profiles.

Changes for version 0.99_95

  • Started to add service flow, DOCSIS 1.1/2/3, information

Changes for version 0.99_94

  • Fixed some OID entries in the

Changes for version 0.99_93

  • Cleaned up some code.

Changes for version 0.99_92

  • Added in the module telnet to default to return, not die. Previously any wrapper script was setting this, but has caused some confusion why certain scripts failed and otherS returned normally.

Changes for version 0.99_91

  • Added access to the format modifier for STM output and changed the default to include year.

Changes for version 0.99_9

  • Downstream modulation type incorrect. Offset of array incorrect causing incorrect modulations to be transformed.

Changes for version 0.99_8

  • Added in frequency OIDs for STB/CMs into

Changes for version 0.99_7

  • Small bug in the QOSPROFILE return for the ifPersist configuration bug.

Changes for version 0.99_6

  • Fixed the CPE key cycling code ( again and it now works , I promise ) and added an example into the examples directory on how it works. Started to add 'DEBUG' references into the code.


Router Statistics and Information Collection
OID Module for Router::Statistics