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Steven Haryanto
check-json - Check JSON syntax
check-phpser - Convert PHP to Data::Dump serialization
check-yaml - Check YAML syntax
dd2json - Convert Data::Dump to JSON serialization
dd2phpser - Convert Data::Dump to PHP serialization
dd2yaml - Convert Data::Dump to YAML serialization
json2dd - Convert JSON to Data::Dump serialization
json2phpser - Convert JSON to PHP serialization
json2yaml - Convert JSON to YAML serialization
phpser2dd - Convert PHP to Data::Dump serialization
phpser2json - Convert PHP to JSON serialization
phpser2yaml - Convert PHP to YAML serialization
pp-json - Pretty-print JSON
yaml2dd - Convert YAML to Data::Dump serialization
yaml2json - Convert YAML to JSON
yaml2phpser - Convert YAML to PHP serialization
App::SerializeUtils - Utilities for serialization tasks
Changes for version 0.06
    • Add --xs, --syck options to check-yaml to pick YAML implementation.
    • Add --xs, --pp options to check-yaml to pick JSON implementation.

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